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Kiwi Innovations is a specialist Innovation Development Company based in New Zealand. We have been involved in the Evaluation, Assessment, Development and Introduction of Innovative Concepts for more than 25 years. We have worked on projects in most areas of business and have developed Products, Services and Systems. We even have "Futuristic Concepts" whose time has still not arrived, but it will.

If the only thing you do on our website is read this page, then hopefully, you will better understand Innovation and some basic perspectives about it. Some of the information may seem out of sync with your world, but our current world is your future world. In Our World we produce things we call ©"Whizzywatsits".

So, how many would you like? Send your payment details to us and we will deliver to your door. Sounds like a great idea but we are confident you will not be contacting us any time soon to buy one. First, you would probably want to know a bit more about them. The questions you have are a just a tiny part of the answers we need, if we are to ever produce them.

We work in a field where an idea is just an idea that has not yet been introduced into the real world. Because of this we have, over the years, developed a multitude of systems, processes and tools that allow us to more accurately see into the future. Along the way we also came to understand many things about innovative concepts, their effects on societies and also, their shortfalls.

We found that all Innovative Concepts have the same point of origin and they all go through many of the same processes during their journey. They are all brought into reality by a definable and specific set of circumstances and actions. The differences between the various Innovations is their destination, mode of transition and path travelled.

Therein lie the problems facing Innovation Development. People who make it through are usually referred to as Persistent, or Lucky. Whilst both of those things are helpful, they are usually not enough.

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The Journey

Most people who intend to take a journey or a vacation have an idea, a strategy, a map, a mode (or modes) of transport and a destination. Without those basic items, very few ever get to where they intended to go and it would be considered a very "risky venture".

If you set off on your journey without any knowledge of the whys, wheres, whens and hows, then your chances of having a successful trip are about the same as having a disastrous one. Circumstances, luck and other intangibles will determine your experience. In some cases that might mean a successful trip, in others a failed trip. So your trip has, at best, a 50/50 chance of success without planning, or an 80 - 100% chance of success if you plan, prepare and execute properly.

The success of you trip will partly be determined by the resultant experiences you had while taking the journey. In other words, if you were headed for Hawaii but ended up in Bali where you have a lot of fun, meet the partner of your dreams, then you might consider it a successful journey. But that will be determined by your experiences, expectations, desires, responsibilities and the resultant consequences.

Trips are easy to plan because everything you need is already in existence and available to be utilised right now. If it wasn't, then you couldn't go, because there is no-where to go to and no way to get to no-where. Yep, that actually does make sense.

A lot of people and business' approach Innovation the "unplanned" way and that is why most people consider Innovation to be a "risky venture". With Innovation, there is nothing there, just future potential. So, the processes for a successful outcome are different. If you doubt that, then try planning a trip to ©"Whizzywheresit".

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The World of Innovation is different to the normal world. We consistantly have to deal with "Right/Wrong", "Possible/Impossible" etc. As a consequence, you will find some things here that you will disagree with and that is ok with us, but . . . .

If something is wrong, how does one know it is wrong? Only by relying on ones own definition of "right and wrong". That then makes "wrong" a perspective viewpoint. Perspective is born of experience, environment, teachings and choice.

Right and Wrong are part of our "2 things" process, as are Possibe and Impossible. Impossible does not have historical precedents, if it did, it would not be impossible. The only difference between Impossible and Possible is - Time.

If you do not believe that to be true, then what is in your life now, that was "Impossible" 25 years ago? Lots of things.

This is just a brief outline of a small part of the Innovations Development Process. Innovations change the way the world operates, which in turn brings other changes. Some are for the better and some are deemed not to be. Now we are back to Perspective and the circle of confusion is introduced. Are you confused?? we were, till we developed a guide with a set of standards, that operate within a conducive Envronment

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